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Stylish Laptop Stand

The best compliment for your laptop in the home or work office is a laptop stand. You may not be aware that you need a laptop stand, but the reason to use one is because it makes for better ergonomics by raising your laptop screen up to your eye level. This particular laptop stand is a perfect compliment for the Apple toting professional. With a sand-blasted silver finish, it matches the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air flawlessly. If you have one of the newer ultrabooks in silver – perfect. The stands aluminum finish acts as an added giant heat sink. Ever wonder why your Macbook seems to stay cooler? It’s because the Macbooks are constructed with an aluminum unibody. As a guy with a distinguished sense of style, gift this for yourself and complement that extra monitor on your desk. Fix the ergonomic problem you never knew you had – your eyes and back will thank you.

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